At a Glance

Let's be honest - the main features of any e-commerce solution should be to get your products online and make it as easy as possible for your shoppers to make their purchase. With this in mind, we have stripped out all the excess functionality and created a user friendly shopping cart and kept all the important parts, making RocketCart the ideal solution for both customers and owners.

No Setup Fee

Keeping the cost down is essential when moving to an online platform soft peace of mind we have waivered this fee.

Free Domain

You may already have a domain name but if you haven't, we will provide this as part of your RocketCart package ( only).

SSL Certificate

Security is essential when buying and selling online - all RocketCart websites come with a SSL certificate installed.

Online Store

RocketCart is a e-commerce solution so obviously the online store is included.

Unlimited Products

No matter which package you select, there is no limit on how many products you can add to you online store.

Click & Collect

During COVID-19 click and collect is essential for customers peace of mind and this functionality comes as standard with RocketCart.

Stock Levels

The stock level functionality ensures your customers will not be left disappointed when you have to inform them their product is actually out of stock when they think their order is secure and on its way.

3rd Party Payment Integration

RocketCart has been created with the flexibility to integrate with major payment providers so you can select your preferred option.

Discount Codes

Most companies like to offer promotional codes to reward loyalty or drum up extra sales - we have thought of this and added discount codes functionality to the checkout process.

Accounts Software Integration

Easily export data from RocketCart so you can import you sales information in to your chosen accounts software.

Invoice / Receipt Generation

Every order placed via RocketCart will automatically generate an invoice / receipt which can be easily printed and sent out with your clients order.

Google Analytics

We will setup and implement Google Analytics for you so you can keep track of visitors and other statistics.

Optional VAT

Whether your prices include or exclude VAT - RocketCarts optional VAT feature will fit your requirements.

Additional Pages

Rocketcart isn't just a online shop we can also include some supporting pages such as 'About us, terms and contact'.